Raise your talent level! Use TechNix’s deep network of high performers to find the best candidates available.TechNix can plug you into the technology vendor marketplace!

Are you a vendor recruiting for talent? Or a professional looking to explore challenging new career choices? If your business is in the high tech sector, look no further!

Established in 1991, TechNix is an experienced recruiter of sales, marketing, project management, design and manufacturing engineers. We also recruit senior management personnel for a wide variety of high tech vendors.

Most of the companies we service sell:

  • software or hardware and related services
  • semiconductors
  • internet solutions
  • telecom solutions

We also work with service-focused agencies or consulting companies. If you are considering a job change, we invite you to see some of the openings we are recruiting for by visiting our Career Opportunities page.

We proudly built TechNix through repeat and referral business. Thank you for visiting. We look forward to working with you!